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生命の結晶化か?ある種の好熱性細菌は貧栄養的な特別な環境におくと細胞自体が結晶化する。結晶は方解石を主成分とし ていると予想される。偏光顕微鏡で観察すると美しい虹色に輝いて見える。偏光が見られるということは鉱物の結晶であることの証拠だ。単結晶の長さは約 100μmである。

Life crystallizes?  Newly isolated bacteria was crystallized under specific oligotrophic condition. Principal component of crystal is speculated to be calcium carbonate. These crystal shows bright as rainbow color by polarized microscopic observation. Polarization property suggests proved mineral crystals. Shown crystal size is 100 µm in long.




Policy of our research

We biotechnologist shall isolate creatures that must possess applicable benefit for humankind well-being and development of industrial techniques from natural habitat or artificial environment, and analyze, mimic, alter these benefit function to improve conventional technology, and create innovative technology. This research initiation is based on the typical thought process; engineer's initiation "How do we do to achieve this?" 

As the other research initiation, working of surrealistic biology which I have advocated is so in. In biology, researchers well observe the creature and the natural habitat, phenomena and mention the mechanisms of the creature and natural environment, and try to find principals of Nature. However, in surrealistic biology, researchers do not observe the natural habitat. Is this thought process science?

Development of purification and synthetic technique of substances enable us to synthesize unnatural materials and make unnatural state. Beside, development of physical equipments, which manipulate and regulate the motion of various kind of substances, enable us to make the environment which never be observed in nature. When creature was exposed to environment which never be observed in the nature, surrealistic biology is initiated the question, what principal work in it. Surrealistic biology is one of typical thought process starting from "What and how on earth happened to it?"

Our research is begun with either thought processes. Important thing of latter thought process is that we make effort to apply a novel principal obtained by research to general techniques. Because a novel principle must change to be brilliant by being applied. Beside, novel principle must be applied for human's well-being, never be applied to weapons with that kill people. Then, we go back to conventional science by which nature is observed well from surrealistic biology, and find mechanisms of real nature. I believe that I am able to find own answer against origin of the question "What is life?" "What is evolution?" "What am I" by repeating both thought processes.